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Topic: Missing cat
Posted by: Evelyn Alves
Date/Time: 06/06/15 14:55:00

Hi all,

We have a missing cat called Pip, and would be very grateful if you could check gardens, sheds or any other places he could access (he is very curious).

He is a male tabby with a white chest, chin and 3 legs (one leg is tabby grey) and just under two years old.

He disappeared yesterday and has been gone for over 24 hours now.

He sometimes wears a collar and is microchipped.

We live on Rusthall Avenue, Speldhurst end, but we do know he roams quite far and uses the back alleyways to explore.

Please check your garden and sheds and call or email if you have any news.

Dan 07971129114
Evelyn 07942042752

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