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Topic: Re:Fly-tipping
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 01/06/15 16:19:00

On Friday evening there was a huge quantity of office books and paper dumped in front of the recycling bins in CHR near the police station.
It was saturated from the rain and impossible to get to the bins.
I sent an email to Matthew Williamson and early this morning received a message saying "Thank you. An enforcement officer has visited the site to discover the origin of the waste and it has been cleared away by Hounslow Highways.
2 weeks ago on Saturday night an 1100 litre Sita bin was on the pavement in Thornton Avenue at 9.30pm. When I came back 20 mins later there were 2. On Sunday night there were 3 all overflowing and surrounded by sacks and large objects. There were 2 rats in amongst it all and the pavement was impassable. I sent a late night email to Matthew. Early the following morning a reply from Thomas whilst Matthew was on leave to say that he had visited the site and the bins were commercial and nothing to do with the council. He had asked an enforcement officer to find out directly from Sita who their client was and why the bins were on the public highway. The bins were now being emptied and the mess cleared up by Hounslow Highways.
He would be carrying out engagement work with the residents of Thornton Avenue.
When I went past later all the bins had gone and there was nothing left on the pavement. All the bins which had been in the passageway next to TG station for years had  also gone!
It isn't the council. It's the sheeple and the council have taken on more enforcement officers. Matthew and Thomas have been very grateful to me for letting them know that it was there so if you see any please let them know.

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