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Topic: Re:Vet recommendations
Posted by: Chrissie Wilson
Date/Time: 01/06/15 13:47:00

I think at the end of the day anyone whose pet recovers well or gets better will always think their vet is marvellous. If things go wrong, you will always blame the vet.  I use Youngs and have tried Petcare in the past.I thought they were very expensive.  Everyone has their preferances. Youngs are in a convenient location, have good staff and their own emergency services which is very important. I have never had a problem with Youngs. The staff do change rather more than I would like but it is usual where there are young vets who want to experience the world a bit more. I think people should try Youngs and judging from the pets and their owners that I often see in there, it does not dissuade people using their services. Not everyone has cars and they need a vet close to their home and Youngs is very convenient.

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