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Topic: Cricket at Chiswick House
Posted by: David Grantley
Date/Time: 30/05/15 08:57:00

Does anyone know when cricket matches are played at Chiswick House ? I tried to follow various links (one to a Chiswick & Whiten team site) but with little luck.

We had a lovely trip out there on Tuesday and I would like to return on a day when a match is being played.

I only hope that they have thorough ground staff. In the thirty-odd minutes we were seated there we counted four ladies who let their dogs leave significant deposits on the pitch which they left uncollected. One at point and and another right by a bench at long off :)  When I used to play in a village side as a young teenager we had to be careful depending on what animals the farmer had grazed earlier that day ... occasionally cows ...which could stop a promising four !   Disappointing though to see such lack of care in a public place.

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