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Topic: Re:Ban all pets?
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 22/05/15 16:06:00

Anthropomorphism  - pure and simple.
Domestic dogs have a pathological need to be with humans - they wouldn't be domestic dogs otherwise.
Very few domestic cats can cope on their own for long because we have bred their survival traits out by domesticating them.
Horses would not have the feeding and breeding range required to survive and would quickly suffer from parisitism and starvation and other ill effects especially blood horses that do not cope well living outdoors in our climate.
The reptiles, spiders, fish, birds and rodents might fare better but again, would not have the requisite habitat to survive if just turned loose, especially those that are kept in captivity well away form their natural environment. They also have the potential, if they were very succesful, of wreaking havoc on the native wildlife and disturbing the eco balance vide the grey squirrel, zebra mussel, Chinese mitten crab, terrapin, parakeet, mink etc etc

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