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Topic: Time Share
Posted by: Maggie Dodge
Date/Time: 18/05/15 12:38:00

I was left a time share week by a neighbour in his will, about 20 years ago.  It has been great - 4 star hotel and no complaints, although I have always said I would never have bought time share.  We find the maintenance charges have gone up to the point that it is no longer a cheap holiday and have given what we thought was the year's notice they require, but they are saying it has to be a year from when the fees are due not from the date we usually go out there, which may be fair enough, but it means paying and going again one more time when we would rather not.  For some reason the fees are due in August and we go out in April. The maintenance invoice always says if you don't pay then you lose the time share, just wondering whether to NOT pay the next lot of fees and just forfeit it - any thoughts.  Not interested in trying to get any money for it, but don't want to do anything illegal.

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