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Topic: Re:Online travel insurance
Posted by: Sean Wales
Date/Time: 18/05/15 08:54:00

Post office is good. You could use comparison website and compare prices. Bear in mind as with most online comparison or quote sites that you key In endless details then your quote pops up. However I often find that some of the key items I ticked have been removed at the quote stage and I have to add them again. It's important to declare medical history too as we found out to our cost. My wife had her Appendix out in a straightforward op 6 months prior to a trip we didn't declare. We needed to make a small medical claim after a trip and it was refused when they found the appendix op on records because we hadn't declared. As someone has mentioned online insurers nearly always do auto renew its usually something you can opt out of in settings or a phone call after you've taken it out.

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