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Topic: Lascal Buggyboard
Posted by: Maggie Dodge
Date/Time: 13/05/15 16:40:00

Just wondering if anyone has one to sell please.  My daughter is due to give birth any minute - due date today and she is really not sure how she is going to manage with a 3 year old and newborn but thought she would give a buggy board a go.  She would rather not buy new just in case it doesn't work for her, or more importantly the 3 year old.  We have learned the hard way that that they need to be re-useable and some people damage the connectors getting them off their own buggy, just thought I would mention that as she has already bought a second hand one that had the connectors cut and is therefore not useable unless she buys replacements which with the added cost means she is not saving anything by buying second hand.  Sorry for the length of this post.

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