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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 12/05/15 13:46:00

Reading in the Times this morning. The Fragrant (and for once, fully dressed) Mrs Bercow is steaming furious with the distraught wife of her erstwhile cheating snivelling lover (her husband's cousin), for talking to the media about the sordid affair. "It's our private family business, I don't understand why she felt it necessary to broadcast it all to the press" said Mrs Bercow, speaking to the media, and broadcasting to the press, outside her home.

Mrs Bercow then went on to blame her appalling and unforgiveable behaviour  on having to live in a free grace & favour flat in one of the country's most splendid historic buildings. "I'm so confused right now" said (soon to be ex-)Mrs Bercow, doing a passable impression of Sue-Ellen Ewing.

Various members of the paparazzi said "even we're embarrassed by this, what a slapper".

Mr Bercow, squeaker of the house, was beside his wife to show support but nobody noticed him as he was standing behind a tin of beans.

Not a scrap of dignity or decorum was to be seen anywhere.

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