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Topic: Re:Pages or Word for Macbook?
Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 11/05/15 11:02:00

I think the monthly charge applies if you get Word as part of an Office 365 subscription.

You can still buy Office for Mac, including Word, for a one-off price.  I think there are educational discounts if you know someone who is a student or a teacher....

However be warned, there is a new version of Office for Mac scheduled for release later this year - Microsoft haven't announced a date yet.  While it will be released in 2015, it will be called Office 2016...

If you are brave, you can install the beta version of Office for Mac 2016 from the link below however these beta releases will expire some time after there is a new release, and after the official release, so you would have to buy the official version.

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