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Topic: Re:Re:Whisk - Devonshire Road
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 10/05/15 18:21:00

It's good (I don't like 'knocking' local businesses)... but it ain't anywhere near that good...

I was in there a few weeks back looking for olive oil drizzlers. They'd sold out of the simple cork thingies that you can put into a variety of bottles. And their only other drizzler was ridiculously expensive, pretentious and almost (very nearly) nasty.  Over 25 and far too pseudy French as opposed to rough'n'tumble Greek.  Similar story in that other silly 'kitchen gadget' shop in TGT..

So I flicked over the internet and nipped over to KITCHEN IDEAS in Ealing Broadway... Now that's what I call a brilliant shop.. I bought a couple of 'thingies' and a very pretty stainless steel drizzler in the form of an old oil-can for less that 15 quid...

Sad to say, nowadays there are very few wonderful shops left in W4...

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