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Posted by: Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 09/05/15 11:59:00

"But be honest, weren't you just a little bit worried a week ago that the nation was ready to return to those days?"

I was extremely worried. Most people like simple solutions to complex problems and this is particularly appealing to those with little experience of life i.e. the young.

I can vaguely remember being young and feeling "why is the world in such a mess and how have my parents generation allowed this to happen?"

Sadly I think that Clarkson has a point - looks do count in democratic politics at least when you are trying to get elected. Except of course in my case.

The case of the Nixon and Kennedy TV debate is well known. But worth repeating. Those who listened to the debate on the radio thought that Nixon had clearly had the better of Kennedy. Those who watched the debate on TV were won over by Kennedy's charismatic smile and repulsed by Nixon's sweaty face and nine o'clock shadow.  

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