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Topic: Alloy Wheels and Pirelli tyres going cheap
Posted by: Ian Sayer
Date/Time: 08/05/15 14:04:00

I have 3 (not 4, see below) wheels (see below for the type) all with Pirelli P6000 tyres in very good condition with probably 60% or more tread left, and I'm happy to let those go for a nominal fee of 20 for the lot if anyone wants them (i.e. less than 7 each).

Explanation - these are the wheels from my previous car (a 1998 Honda Civic), but I had to change them 4 years ago after I ran over a deep pot hole and damaged one of the alloy wheels, hence three perfectly good wheels left.

The alloys themselves are nice 5 spoke patterns with 4 hole fixings (as on the older Honda Civic models, and many other older cars). The alloys have a the usual small edge scuffs, but are otherwise in near perfect condition, and as I say the 3 tyres are all excellent.

If anyone wants to pick them up, I'm in Bayham Road W4 1BJ (that's off Acton Green between Rusthall Ave. and St Albans Ave.

If you want them at 20 for all three, then just email me on

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Alloy Wheels and Pirelli tyres going cheap08/05/15 14:04:00 Ian Sayer
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