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Topic: Brentford & Isleworth Election
Posted by: William Patrick Charles Rees
Date/Time: 06/05/15 18:13:00

Joe Bourke, the Lib Dem candidate is my choice for MP. Here's why. The Lib Dems made a big contribution to the success and stability of the coalition government which has cleared up a great deal of the mess left behind by the last Labour Government. Their policies on increasing personal tax allowances for the lower paid and introducing the pupil premium for disadvantaged school children have made a real difference. They have also had the guts to apologise over student tuition fees although the new policy on this at least means that students do not pay fees whilst studying only after they have finished their studies and then only after they are earning at least 21,000 per year. Contrast that with the tuition fees introduced by Labour and which had to be paid whilst the student was at his or her university or college. Sensible realistic new Lib Dem policies for this election include a concentration on mental health, expanding the NHS and tighter immigration controls.

Joe Bourke has the business experience and record of public service to represent Chiswick and the constituency better than any of the other candidates.

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