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Topic: 2 month's accommodation.
Posted by: Sue Elliott
Date/Time: 05/05/15 22:52:00

Hi Folks,

I know it is a long shot but here goes.

Steve and I are back in London from sept 10 to nov 10. We had our flat all sorted but that fell through yesterday...Oh Bugger. Flights are booked and the first beers are already on ice cos Steve now favours aussie cold ones.

Anyway we are after 2 beds, fully furnished. If anyone is planning a long trip away and needs a house sitter we'd be perfect, or if you have a flat and are planning some decorating so it will be empty for a while leading up to our visit and you'd be happy for a short lease, or any other scenario you can think up, we'd be very happy to hear from you.

The Rugby is calling and especially given the Aussie team's rubbish performance this year and last, we will be singing 'Swing Low'

Seriously, if you have any clues about where to stay, we'd be very happy to hear from you.


Sue Elliott

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