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Topic: Re:Mayweather v Pacquiao
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 01/05/15 15:57:00

I'm not a huge boxing fan but every now and again a truly riveting match comes along - and this is certainly one of those. When I heard Mayweather boasting that he was "better than Ali", it seemed clear that someone really needs to take him down a peg or two. Not to mention the numerous prosecutions for wife beating. He is due for a heavy fall.

And who better to do it than the softly spoken, god fearing Pacquiao? We saw him show up "Hitman" Hatton (all round good bloke, but far too much Guinness for a pro fighter), and lay him out sparko with one punch.

I am really hoping he will deliver the same shock to bigmouth moneyman. It would be great to see Mayweather slumped in the ropes and his empty, smoking boots still in the middle of the ring. I can't wait.

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