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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Man with suitcase on TGT
Posted by: Janet Norman
Date/Time: 01/05/15 10:28:00

He was there, just by the E3 bus stop under the railway bridge, when I went past at 6.15pm last night. He seems to spend the rest of the night on the step of Nationwide building society.
My heart goes out to the older man who sits outside M+S selling the Big Issue. I was stuck on a bus for 10mins yesterday and felt so sad to see him selling his magazine and being totally ignored, you could tell by his demeanour and the way he was twisting and pulling on his hair that he was not in a good place, I just wanted to give him a hug but instead jumped off the bus, gave him a few quid and a big smile and then jumped back on the bus again.
'There but for the grace of god' comes to mind.

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