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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Now TV problems
Posted by: Colin Wren
Date/Time: 28/04/15 17:28:00

That reminds me, I need to unsubscribe from NowTV.

My experience of Now TV is nothing short of abysmal. I originally got it when it first came out at a discount via a friend who worked at Sky. I have it running through my XBox and found I can only ever watch something that is fairly old or unpopular. Don't even think about watching Game of Thrones as it just can't cope!

It was OK at the start, but I have it on fairly good authority that Sky simply can't cope with the huge influx of streaming when there's an important football match or the latest episode of GOT. Apparently they are sorting it out, but it's annoying that you quite simply aren't getting what you've paid for. They clearly haven't upgraded their infrastructure in proportion to accommodate new users. The cynical side of me suggests if you're a fully paid up member of SkyTV (dish and all) you may get a priority over a low level interloper of Now TV like myself.

It's basically the equivalent of renting out the latest VHS movie from the local shop, only to come home and find you've been given an empty box.

I suggest you should try running it as an App on a Tablet or SmartPhone to check your account has actually been properly set-up.

And then wait.... and wait.... and wait.

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