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Topic: Re:Flat renovation
Posted by: Tony Buchanan
Date/Time: 24/04/15 16:50:00

Preusmably you "own" the flat on  a long lease and paid the previous owner a premium.

First point look at your lease and presumably it is in identical form to the flat owner who wants to carry out the works.Check the lease plan and also  what consent is required to carry out alterations but the lease provisions only relate to the actual flat area occupied and check that the the hall is a common area like the roof.
Assuming you have not got a lase of the common area but only a right to use it wtth the other flat owners you are correct to conclude the flat owner does not have a right to install a fuse box in an area outside its demise.The owner like you wil proably only have an internal non structural demise which basically only permits painting as detailed in the repair and decoration covenants.

Three points occur from this:-

1.Consent from the landlord must be  obtained

2.Replacement of  a fuse box  requires the works to comply with building regulations and the electrician should be registered with a competent person self-certification scheme, or
a building control body – either the building control department of your local authority or a private approved inspector, or
in England only, an electrician registered with a third-party certification scheme.
3.The landlord will insure the building and will also need to notify its insurer of the proposed works if it agrees they can be carried out otherwise the insurer would not pay out if damage occured.
Most old boxes do not need to be repalced since builders  etc want to make more money by suggsting an upgrade of the box and panel.A good aparky will confirm.

Good Luck.

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