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Topic: Southfield Playing Fields
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 22/04/15 23:13:00

I walk my dogs here at least twice a day during the week plus the odd excursion into the lovely Acton Park.

But those responsible for Southfield Playing Fields do not have an overview of all the needs of its users, which includes a LOT of dog walkers.  All the people using the park need to be tolersnt of the needs of others, of course.  

However, all the fancy equipment installed by the footpath just as you go into the park has no area where people can put jackets, water bottles etc so they are left on the grass, to be peed on, run off with by dogs etc etc, and that is certainly not just my dogs, I have seen it happen time after time.  It does cause great annoyance understandably but dogs need to run free and were always able to until those in the  park stopped thinking about how dogs behave - if they ever did.  Witnessed three dogs peeing on the same jacket yesterday.

Oh, and three ugly footballboot-wiping contraptions have  also appeared in the park.  THREE?  How many people use the park?  My dogs think they have been positioned there for them to pee on so although they are hideous, although I have never seen anyone wipe their boots there, as a pee-station for dogs they have a purpose.

At a Southfields Forum some months ago I raised the issue of the proposed positioning of the fitness equipment but, as with anyone who gives their views at local forums, it was completely ignored, so I have stopped attending.

In the meantime, perfectly good, nice-smelling and decorative plants in flowerbeds on the South side of the park have been ripped out, and some very expensive plants put in their place, including Acers.

It all smacks of, like our overseas aid budget, of money put aside with those responsible clueless as to how to spend it, but under pressure to spend it as it has been allocated.  And this attitude is borne out in the ward forums I have attended.  How sad when there is such a chronic need for money across the borough. 

Austerity clearly doesn't apply to Southfield Playing Fields or Ealing, as a whole, unless you are sick or disabled in which case money is in short supply  - never mind they close day care centres etc, as long as they can fund expensive salaries and an apparently infinite spending on parks and flowerbeds in the area, they think that is ok - all activities that cynically, are obvious and make voters think they are doing something worthwile. 

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