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Topic: Worrying accessory for car crooks
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 22/04/15 17:06:00

Just looking online for a couple of bits for the car and I came across a website that is a crooks paradise.For 8 you could buy a device that will reset all the inspection and oil service lights on BMW's.Not perhaps the crime of the century but if you are thinking of buying a used BMW and it appears not to need a service or oil inspection, check the service book for current dealer stamps.Far more worrying is a remote central locking clone key.This little bit of kit will grab all the central locking codes from nearby cars and unlock the doors.It also claims to be able to open ALL remotely opening garage doors.Not only will it grab the codes, but it is also claimed to scan all nearby frequencies and store them in it's memory.Quite frightening.Anybody can buy these devices by post with a 7-10 day delivery from China.You would think something like this would have a fairly hefty price tag.But to you squire, p+p inclusive of airmail, the all in price is 3.I bet these things are being imported by the skipload, and before long every little scrote prowling the streets at night will be equipped with one of these.So don't leave ANYTHING on display in your car because if the little scrote doesn't nick your car, they will nick anything that's not bolted down.One of these little toerags 'accessed'my car using one of these 'grabbers' and nicked the only thing of any value that was visible, a bottle of Lucozade.And if they'll nick that, they'll nick anything.I wasn't too distraught at the theft of my Lucozade, and I didn't report it to the police, but what really p*ssed me off was, the thieving scrotes visited my car during the night, and they left all the doors open, and it had been raining heavily during the night.I now have a good quality steering lock incase they come back.

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