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Topic: Parking in Spencer Road
Posted by: Wendy Robinson
Date/Time: 19/04/15 19:57:00

What is going on in Spencer Road with the parking?  After 20 years living in this road I was finally reduced to tears on Friday when I asked yet another builder not to park in our road and he swore at me.  In addition to the creep of cars parking here because of the CPZ in Park Road; at least four or five vans that come everyday to work on current building extensions; there have also been a lot of cars with foreign number plates parked here for weeks on end that never move.  Does anyone know who owns the silver golf outside no. 29 or the red Ford Fiesta currently outside no. 25 Spencer Road?  This has been happening for months now with different cars.  They all the cars have foreign number plates.  Is it a local resident? Is it a dealer buying cars from Europe and then parking them here because we do not have permit parking?  Are they stolen cars? Does anybody know? 

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