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Topic: Re:Re:Talk Talk
Posted by: Timothy Reid
Date/Time: 18/04/15 13:38:00

I've been with TalkTalk for several years and have mixed feelings about them.

Obviously you can compare prices with other suppliers perfectly well for your self.  Let me try to summarise what their product is like and their service.

About 18 months ago I took up their offer of a free Youview box if you are on their premium service which I was anyway.  When I did this my broadband speed dropped from around the 13-14 mbs to about 6.  I was told they do this to improve stability.  Now that is rather slow so I got onto them to get them to speed it up.  It took a long time on the phone but eventually they did it (the second time of trying, the first time they didn't seem to want to know) and it got turned up to about 11-12mbs.  That is an ok speed for non-cable broadband.  It does get slower in the evenings but there are very few dropouts.  Downloads are unlimited which is especially important if you are downloading lots of tv.

So they're ok, nothing special, at an ok price.  I suspect to get the best out of them you have to initiate it; there's no way I'd have got my speed re-instated if I hadn't known what to ask for and persisted.  They'd have fobbed me off - they did first time I tried.  Phone line is fine.  Perfectly reliable.  Reasonable price for the call package we have and how it relates to our usage - with the emphasis on our usage as it  might be different for you.

Bog standard product at a bog standard price with bog standard service.

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