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Posted by: Jeff Gear
Date/Time: 15/04/15 12:58:00

Paul, in early works the basement car park area was continuously fenced around by reinforced concrete piling created by auger drilling to a depth of maybe 25'.
As the basement was dug out it refilled with water. In order to continue work it was neccessary to continuously pump out water and drive sheet pile coffer dams down the same distance again to keep the water out and the site stable while while large concrete structures (plugs? rafts?) were created. Big overruns on time and costs I guess.
Nearby properties experienced a lot of vibration (and noise) for long periods while the sheet piling was driven in and even more when it was subsequently removed. The vibration was very disturbing to feel, and was illustrated by standing rings of waves appearing on the surface of any liquids like water in the sink or a mug of tea.
There's a lot of underground water in the area which  may be the Bollo brook; the new flats by the Gunnersbury triangle were built on the site of an old laundry which used groundwater, and the Dukes Gate developers bumped into an embarrassing amount of water too.

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