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Topic: Re:Madbid: has anyone used it?
Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 13/04/15 13:33:00

No, don't use unless you are a real gambler.  It's a pyramid scheme dressed up as online auctioning.
It's not a pure scam but once you start bidding it will feel like one.  My mate at work, well lets say he looked under the bonnet a little bit, could see the full list of usernames and all their credits etc (there was less then 200 reg users a few months ago and a lot of those will be site owned or bots. It's effectively sold as a service,  the owners will have named it mad bid and styled it but the whole site is essentially templated and sold as a service to anybody wanting to 'run' one of these, so they  The likely winners of all this are the service operator. We could buy a service today and call it etc

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