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Topic: W4 floating voters...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 10/04/15 08:18:00

I've just been reading the tosh written on the two W4 'Election Threads'.  It's not all tosh. Some posts are stuffed full of very sensible and perfectly obvious analysis.  Others are amusing.....  a concoction of deeply serious political 'gravitas' - regurgitated from the various editorial columns by our clutch of politically plugged-in locals - who gorge upon mighty thoughts every morning, along with their iron filings, their fish oil tablets, their statins and their weetabix.

But that's another matter.

The sort of tosh I'm talking about is that rarefied, ostentatiously grandiose tosh being thrust upon us by a few 'great minds' of Chiswick.  By which I mean those one or two intellectually conceited frauds amongst us (the usual suspects) who would have us believe they are weighing-up sackfuls of incredibly complex issues before finally deciding where to place their incredibly important/dull X on May 7th.

In other words, our bogus floating voters...

Dearest reader, I really don't buy the idea that W4 is a natural or even normal breeding ground for the genuine Floater. Sure, we've got our quota of taxi drivers, irate colonels and blue-rinsed old biddies - but Chiswick isn't a breeding ground for the deeply uneducated. Neither is it populated by families hooked on welfare benefits, with decades of solid underachievement under their belt. Most people round here can count to ten and are perfectly capable of analysing a few simple details before making up their mind who to vote for.

The truth is (beyond those who are merely addicted to attention seeking and self-promotion on social media sites) posturing floaters are telling porkies for a variety of bogus reasons.

For instance, staunch Tories regularly claim to be floaters simply because they're ashamed to vote Tory in public and be seen paddling the same canoe as Margaret Thatcher and greedy bankers. Similarly, loyal Labour voters nowadays regularly say they're floating - to dissociate themselves from Tony Blair, Iraq, Gordon Brown and the mess that was New Labour. Either way, come hell and high water, they're all going to queue up in May - and once safe inside their private booth they'll vote for the same old party they always have done - and always will.

Sure, some are claiming they're lost Liberals with a genuine problem as to whether to lurch further left to Miliband or find a home with Cameron somewhere around the centre ground. Don't believe a word of it. They're posturing too. Left or right, they know exactly where their vote is going.

Which leaves us with those who'll vote green - and the kippers..

And on that bombshell blessings to those few on who are out of their respective closet and have had the courage to nail their political colours to the mast! 

May you all get what you deserve come Election Day!


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