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Topic: Re:Help with HAWS
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 07/04/15 14:38:00

Search for Louise Cole in the search box on this site and send her a pm, although she will probably pick this up when she sees HAWs in the title.   She volunteers for them and I am sure she will help put you in touch with the right people.  Unfortunately voluntary organisations can be thinly stretched and not always as organised as would be ideal.

The Mayhew Animal Home has cats of all ages, including some adorable little kittens who will be ready to be rehomed in a few weeks at 12 weeks old, their mother was found with two kittens by a roadside and gave birth to two more after The Mayhew was called by a member of the public and rushed to pick them up.  Can send you a link to the story in the Times last Saturday about it with pics and more details of the kittens if anyone is interested.  Or Blue Cross, Cats Protection League and also the RSPCA - I don't favour the latter as many of the RSPCA cenres put perfectly healthy cats who would make loving pets down if they are not homed quickly - but maybe for that reason more people should make them the first choice.  Any rescue you use should have tested them for fiv and felv as a minimum, if they are positive they need to be inside only cats and to a single cat household and they may have ongoing health issues.  I would test for the potentially lethal coronavirus too but that is more controversial.

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