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Topic: Chiswick Hustings Debate charge
Posted by: Paul Hughes-Smith
Date/Time: 05/04/15 11:38:00

Is it just that democracy in Chiswick has to be paid for or is this now common practise? While I don't object to giving money to Shelter, I do object to having to pay to debate our political future. Last election there was a debate at Christ Church that was free. Have a collection on the door by all means but don't charge that will just encourage people to not participate in the democratic process especially younger voters. I am also sick of the insularity of the general debate in the media and as several commentators have pointed out, Kate Adie amongst them, foreign policy is totally absent from the election and from press coverage. You would think that what is happening in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine is of no concern to anyone in this country. I for one want a government that has an ethical foreign policy (remember Robin Cook?)and I want to know what candidates think about such matters but fear that the moderators in these local debates will also not think such concerns relevant even in a debate set in a church.

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