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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Please sign this? 
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 04/04/15 14:28:00

,,Ive met a few BNP bods and they are how can you put it ,an aquired taste ,very different to UKIP members ive conversed with Carl

Deport all the two million plus who are here illegally;
- Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British;
- Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate;
- Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;
- Stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases;
- Reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.

That above is BNP and immigration  below is UKIP

Some might say its the same ,I beg to differ.

Some might say labour is now Tory Lite.

.....and as an after thought ,I saw a line of primary school children in turnham green ,looked like they had been ethnically cleansed Totally white , and its then I realised why many people choose to live in Chiswick....what the hell would they /we/I know? What would I know about an old person being left behind in a Ghetto that was once a nice area? Well I did know thats why my mum lived with me till she passed away. I didnt mean my OP to end up like this.

My OP was to say that Brent Council spend a lot of effort being so right on and left wing that helping an Old Soldier who they probably despise isnt on their radar,it came out wrongly.

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