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Topic: Re:Re:Sipsmith distillery evening functions
Posted by: Martine Dismore
Date/Time: 04/04/15 11:35:00

The distillery has written to the residents of Cranbrook road about a letter that we are going to receive from Hounslow Council informing us that the Sipsmith distillery has applied for a licence to hold functions until 1 o'clock in the morning. Thinking that might be a shock to residents , the distillery has written to us saying they only needed a licence until 11o' clock at night.
Cranbrook Road is a quiet residential road. Since the distillery has opened, we have had groups visiting it using our road to get to it. We don't mind the noise during  the day. It shows that the distillery is appreciated.
It will be a different matter at night. If these functions are successful, we'll get more and more of them. We'll certainly lose some of our quality of life. On top of the increased level of noise at night, it will add to a pressure on the parking situation in the evening. Not something to look forward to in a residential road.

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