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Topic: Re:Re:Still looking for a cleaner
Posted by: Shelagh Lafferty
Date/Time: 31/03/15 21:34:00

Sorry I can't help you Holly but I would like to jump to your defence. Ms Trevor - your remark was a tad harsh. We do not know the circumstances of why Holly asked for a cleaner.  She may be elderly and housebound,  recovering from a operation, have mobility issues, just had a baby and needs some extra help. Perhaps she works full-time but also provides care for an elderly or sick relative. Or maybe she works very hard and has decided that her spare time is very precious and she will indulge herself and get some help for a couple of hours.  I know I would if I could and feel guilt free about it.

Good luck with your search Holly - and I hope you find someone to bring a sparkle to your home soon

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