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Posted by: Colin Wren
Date/Time: 30/03/15 13:35:00

Well, I haven't taken out a pension with him yet, but as an idea of pricing for a remortgage it cost me 300 for his services. This by the way is separate from the bank's mortgage set-up fees that also have to be paid on top, but personally 300 well spent in order to find a very good accessible mortgage that isn't normally advertised in the front window of a bank. All the forms are signed and sent via email so I go through the whole process from beginning to end from home without having to set foot anywhere. I'm sure like all financial advisers he may get a cut from the bank at the other end so therefore in some instances you may not have to pay for anything depending on the product being offered. I'd ask him round just for a chat as there's a lot of other advice and products he can offer.

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