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Topic: Rubbish on Fauconberg Road the reasons why!
Posted by: Stephan Deare-Bilham
Date/Time: 29/03/15 09:17:00

Writing on behalf of The Grove Park Deli and other shops along the parade, we are all just as exasperated about the amount of rubish flying around and know exactly where the blame lies: The residents above the shops along the parade, as they constantly put the rubbish out on the wrong days and the waste service contractors who blatantly haul the rubbish over to the trucks spewing rubish everywhere without picking it up, along with the fact that they often don't turn up on the allocated days. All of the shops / businesses are not allowed to put rubish out to the front, if we do, we are fined on the spot by eager council do gooders / officials, so we all have designated industrial bins to the rear, which we have to pay for on top of our Rates. Our bins are collected twice weekly! We are forever contacting the council, who quite frankly are completely enept at dealing with this ongoing issue, and have removed street cleaners from the road recently telling them to do other roads, which quite frankly don't need doing. The street cleaner lads even acknowledge this, but have their street Rota's to adhere to, which means they come around once every two weeks now, we know this as We always give them a free coffee! It's bad for the local community and bad for the businesses who are trying to keep the place looking good. So please could you all complain as much as possible to the council to get their act together and help us keep the place clean and pleasant.

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Rubbish on Fauconberg Road the reasons why!29/03/15 09:17:00 Stephan Deare-Bilham
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