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Topic: Donated plants
Posted by: Karen Liebreich
Date/Time: 26/03/15 20:40:00

Redrow, developers of 500 Chiswick High Road, have kindly offered that Abundance London may have any of the plants growing around the building, before demolition takes place in a few weeks. We can't use the plants ourselves (we've already stuffed most of the beds on the High Road with bulbs and plants), but if anyone would like some, then in return for a donation to Abundance, we could perhaps help you dig them up... There are large variegated yuccas, slightly striped ornamental grasses (probably Miscanthus sinensis `Gracilimus`), a couple of fan palms in pots, some short bamboo (probably nandina domestica).

Abundance is unfunded and completely volunteer-run. More info at

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