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Topic: Re:Re:Hotel in St Andrews
Posted by: Shelagh Lafferty
Date/Time: 25/03/15 13:43:00

Second Castlemount or the Montague in Murray Park.  B&Bs are best value in the town as hotels are generally expensive and cater to US golf market.  Murray Park is great location - a short walk to the end of the road and you look west to the West Sands (Chariots of Fire opening scene) and the Old Course.  Be aware that some B&Bs in the area say they are St Andrews but are several miles out of town (Strathkinness, Kings Barns being two villages which claim St Andrews but are rural with v limited public transport).  If you want the country house experience Rufflets is the place to stay (biased as sister's wedding and parents Ruby wedding party was held there).  If price is no object Old Course and Fairmount are the standard bearers for luxury.  I can recommend the restaurant at the Old Course for dinner - the view across the beach, golf course and old town is stunning on a summer's evening.

If you are going for golf try St Michaels Golf Club about 5 miles away and nearest to St Andrews itself. An Old Tom Morris Club and a good honest challenge to handicappers of all ages.  I am marshalling at the Open this year so probably the closest I'll ever get to walking up the 18th towards the R&A!

I am completely biased as I grew up 3 miles away and it is worth spending the money to stay in the town. I definitely wouldn't swap St Andrews for Dundee!  There is absolutely no comparison and you would be selling yourself short of enjoying St Andrews and all it has to offer.

If you need restaurant suggestions please let me know and I will ask the parents for what's hot and what's not.

Enjoy your trip :)

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