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Topic: Police on Chiswick high road
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 22/03/15 11:24:00

Have the police opened up one of their drop in centres in one of the shops on the high road ? I have noticed lately that there is often one or two police cars parked in the loading bays on CHR to the west of Acton lane, near to Perfect Pizza, This morning when I went past, there were two police motorcycles, one BMW estate car, one Range Rover and two Astra's all parked up between Acton lane and Chiswick common road.There was nobody in the cars, and no one visible on CHR.So where were they ? Most days one or more cars can be seen parked in this part of the high road.So what are they doing there ?

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Police on Chiswick high road22/03/15 11:24:00 Andy Pease
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