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Topic: The beer at The Italian Job is great!
Posted by: Joe Wengler
Date/Time: 21/03/15 20:51:00

Previously I posted a message to say I was confused about the beers and I complained about the lack of information available about the strength, style and source of their many beers.† Since then they have introduced a tap list which explains everything very clearly.† Iíve been there twice in the past week or so and enjoyed a 2/3 pint of the Machete double IPA which is extremely flavoursome.† Served right my favourite beer is Fuller ESB but the Machete stuff produced by The Italian Job is something special - even better than ESB.† Sitting in that little place looking out on Devonshire Road is very nice and I fully endorse this place.† I think people are wrong who have posted to say that it will not last.† I think this is a place that people from outside of Chiswick will travel here to enjoy something different and this is a place of very high quality.

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