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Topic: Re:Has anyone used this vet?
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 21/03/15 08:47:00

We've been going to this vet's for over 30 years.Until a few years back it was run by a Kiwi named Peter Olson, and he was absolutely fantastic.Nothing was ever to much trouble, and he treated every animal like it was his own pet.He also did a lot of work for free with animal charities.He was a great loss when he retired.This practice is associated with the Petcare practice on Chiswick High road, so you could just as easily take your cat there if Goldhawk road is too far.Since Peter retired I have owned an incredibly healthy Border Collie, so my trips to the vet have been thankfully few.However, since the new vets have taken over, the surgery has been smartened up and they are able to do a lot of in house diagnostic tests, and I beleive they have another surgery in Brooke Green where they can carry out scans etc.The staff all seem very friendly, but I thought their prices were a bit on the heavy side.That maybe because I am out of touch as I haven't had to pay for any treatment in the last 6 years.But a recent ear problem with my dog led to a visit to the vet where they took an ear swab to check for infection.The charge for the swab was 80.This along with a repeat visit to the vet on Sunday (because the dog was still in pain) along with a bottle of ear drops and a painkilling injection came to a couple of pounds short of 300.As I said, this maybe the norm and I am just out of touch with prices.I dare say that with my dog getting older he will be needing treatment more often, and at the moment I am happy to stay with this practice.

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