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Topic: Ealing Council Leader
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 20/03/15 21:02:00

Good, about time our fat cat councillors are called to account. After a particularly outrageous sleight of hand by Lib Dem councillors in the Southfield Ward Forum (which I no longer attend as you spend two hours in a neon-strip, often cold meeting room only to be completely ignored) I emailed Julian Bell, to register my views.

No response whatsoever and they went ahead with the proposal that was a very bad idea as it has proved to be.  The Ward Forum councillors have always decided what they want to spend the 40 k or so they are allocated on every year - always on vanity projects that are high enough visibility that they can brag about it in their newsletter to engender votes.

Even freedom of information act requests are poorly completed, and seek to obfuscate decisions as in a local act of council vandalism in cutting down perfectly healthy trees in Southfield Playing Fields. Fortunately they are being challenged on this, although sadly it is too late for the beautiful trees. 

There is no local democracy. At all. Hope Julian Bell gets what he deserves.

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