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Topic: Re:Cat flaps
Posted by: Sharon Trevor
Date/Time: 14/03/15 13:23:00

Whatever type of cat flap you decide upon, you will not be able to keep your cat from wandering out of your family have had over 20 cats in our lifetime (10 at the moment) and despite a locked catflap when one was poorly and we were told by the vet to keep him in, we watched in amazement how 2 of them worked as a team and discovered how to open it and get out!!
I have an electronic catflap in my front door that reads my cats microchip to let him in and out. Very useful to keep other cats out..just make sure you put a notice above flap to tell the postman not to ram post through it as my postie did and broke the flap door off and I came home from work to find a neighbours cat enjoying my cats buscuits!!

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