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Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 09/03/15 12:17:00

...“Explains a lot”....

Bang on the money there Bob...

I also had an actress girlfriend who came with a dog (npi)..  This was a short-haired chihuahua called Charlie.

Charlie was exceptionally bright, didn't bark, didn't poo on pavements and always stayed patiently in a comfy wicker basket in the dressing room whilst his boss was on stage. 

Then one night (at the Royal Theatre Northampton) he disappeared during Act 3 of Twelfth Night.  We all combed the theatre looking for Charlie but he was gone, without so much as a word of explanation or a farewell note.   Eventually we took the long (well over a mile) sad walk home.  And there was Charlie, waiting on the doorstep and tapping his paw angrily on the mat on account of us being late back!

This little story surely explains a lot!

But it doesn't explain why anyone with half an ounce of oomf about them would feel the urge to entice a small crowd of gullible locals to prattle on about them and their hideously mundane lunch plans....

such is the world of bimbos..


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