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Topic: Re:parking fines in Chiswick
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 08/03/15 11:35:00

Brandon, dear oh dear, you've opened yourself up here boy.
All the anti car brigade will be on your back telling you it's your own fault.If you hadn't parked illegally you wouldn't have got a ticket (irrespective of whether you were illegally parked or not) I'm sure a lot of people that have had PCN's from Hounslow wardens have wanted to query why the ticket was issued, but if you ask the warden they either 1) ignore you and walk away.2) tell you to appeal or 3) yatter something completely unintelligible at you because their English is so bad.Hounslow have really got this legalised theft thing sown up.Motorists on Chiswick high road got more parking tickets in 2013 than all the other 10 top areas outside of London.That's not one street in each area, it's ten entire areas.Hounslow issued over 1.36 million in fines,23,780 penalties issued.I don't know why so many people are anti-car, think what your council tax would be without these fines.

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