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Topic: Great new Kindergarten in Chiswick
Posted by: Caroline Field
Date/Time: 03/03/15 12:35:00

Hi, I am not normally one to post things on websites like this but our little boy has just started at a fantastic new Kindergarten called THE CHISWICK KINDERGARTEN, and it needs more children!!!
It opened in September with a toddlers group for up to 2 year old olds and as of January the Kindergarten started for over 2 year olds, it is run by two brilliant young South African ladies who are so great with the kids, it has great facilities, a huge light airy space and brand new toys, it follows the EYFS curriculum and the Montessori method of teaching. We are SO SO happy with it, we have 3 little boys and the older 2 went to another playgroup which was good, but we much prefer this one!!
As they are just starting up I am sure they will do a deal on the price if you contact them?? They do morning sesions and afternoon sessions. Please give them a ring on 0207 371 4848 and speak to Paul and see what he says. The building is in The Christian centre on Fraser street in the Glebe estate. We think it is a hidden gem but just need more people to know about it!

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