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Topic: Flagpole garden thank yous
Posted by: Karen Liebreich
Date/Time: 02/03/15 23:47:00

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came to help plant the little garden by the Town Hall, under the flagpole, today. Especial thanks to the sterling team of concrete removers on Saturday, and also the back-broken planters of today (I guess none of us will be walking straight tomorrow). Also many thanks to the hot choc and tea & bun suppliers, and the stepping stone slab donor - all much needed and appreciated. Special mention to Cllr Todd who worked on both concrete and planting duties! And to Jutta Wagner who designed the planting scheme. Many thanks to Fusion Leisure for letting us loose on the corner. We hope you like it.

Abundance London + Friends of Turnham Green

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Flagpole garden thank yous02/03/15 23:47:00 Karen Liebreich
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