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Topic: Need a good guitar teacher???
Posted by: Joe Wengler
Date/Time: 02/03/15 18:17:00


Hereí a plug for my daughterís guitar teacher - Jason Hakin.† Heís very reasonable and crucially comes to our house for the lesson.† Jason has lived locally and has played in his band at most of the local venues including The George IV, Pickwicks and Conolloys.† Heís a very pleasant guy and flexible in terms of tuning the lessons to what the student is interested in playing.† I really can recommend him although he is from Canada.† Canít have everything!!!

I only thought about posting this because I know heís looking for a couple new students in Chiswick on Wednesday night because he has band practice somewhere in Chiswick later that night.

Jasonís email address is and his mobile is 07562 752 374.

Message me if you want.


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