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Topic: Re:England vs. Ireland
Posted by: Nigel Brooks
Date/Time: 01/03/15 13:34:00

It's going to be a close one but I think the Irish tails will be up.

It's been a cracking weekend so far with the Welsh beating France four times in a row for the first time since the early 50's. They shut Mathieu Bastareaud out of the game by simply hitting him 'hard and low' and he toppled every time.

The Italians deserved their victory with McLean and Parisi outstanding although I would have given the latter man of the match for some wonderful handling.

George Clancy had no alternative but to award the penalty try and the Scots defence were sublimely crass in halting the drive illegally. Cue Scots whining when a simple kick to touch from Horne would have avoided all that pressure on their line.

Roll on this afternoon.

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