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Topic: Anne Naysmith Photo Appeal
Posted by: Ian Wylie
Date/Time: 27/02/15 13:49:00

I've been trying to track down a photographer called Frank Baron or the copyright holder / original source of a photo of Anne Naysmith used by the Daily Express Online on Fri Feb 13 and the Sunday Express Online on Feb 15 - credited to Frank Baron.

I've not seen this photo used anywhere else aside from a foreign news site, which appears to have simply screen grabbed the image, and the RIP Anne Naysmith page on Facebook, where the photo became that page's profile pic late on Feb 14…after it had appeared online in the Express.

The Express no longer has the image in their pic library and, rather frustratingly, appear to be having problems identifying where they got the image from. There is / was a sports photographer called Frank Baron on The Guardian. As this image doesn't ever appear to have been used by that newspaper, I suspect it's not him. But I am checking in any event. If it's not him they might know of a namesake.

I may be mistaken but it's odd that this single image does not appear to have been used by any other media organisation despite wide coverage of the story and a basic trawl of agencies etc has drawn a blank.

Can any W4 detectives help?

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