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Topic: Missing cat
Posted by: Hilary Atherton
Date/Time: 27/02/15 09:46:00

Has anyone seen my cat, Lynx? He is a beautiful white Birman (which is a bit like a long-haired Siamese) with chocolate markings. He is microchipped but he should also be wearing a collar with his name and our telephone number.
We recently moved to Seymour Road in W4 and I think he may have got himself lost. I'm terribly worried about him as he's such a homebird normally and would never wander far.
Could anyone in the local area please check their sheds and any outbuildings - as he is incredibly curious and could have got himself trapped.
We are offering a 50 reward for any information that leads to him getting back to us.
If anyone has seen him, could you call me on 07973 229596.
Many thanks
Hilary Tomlin

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