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Topic: Hounslow Housing Zone
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 24/02/15 13:34:00

Other end of the borough, but of interest:

'Hounslow Town Centre: This 466 hectare Housing Zone is part of Hounslow's ambitious regeneration programme, designed to boost job and business growth, and to accelerate high quality house-building for residents. It is expected that the Zone will lead to the delivery of 3,478 new homes built by 2025, 1,383 of which will be affordable. The Zone is also expected to lead to the creation of almost 7,000 jobs.

Leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Steve Curran, said: "I am delighted that the Mayor has recognised the strength of the case for more housing in Hounslow, and I'm particularly pleased that it will move us much closer to our target of 3,000 new affordable new homes by 2018.'

It includes the rumoured replacement of the council offices with something smaller.

'The three sites in the housing zones are:
The Civic Centre, Lampton Road site which will provide the land for 750 dwellings.
The Nantley House site which will provide space for 68 homes.
The expanded Hounslow Town School site which will also include 200 new homes.'

That doesn't add up to 3,478, so this isn't quite what it seems.

“And next month I will be going on a fully funded trip to MIPIM – the international property fair – at no cost to the taxpayer"

I'd happily pay for Cllr Curran to go to MIPIM, since the alternative is presumably some property shark or other footing the bill.

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