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Topic: Parking question - 30 minutes free+
Posted by: Elizabeth Jane Daley
Date/Time: 23/02/15 15:52:00

If you park on Turnham green terrace or Devonshire Road (where there is 30 minutes free parking) what do you do if you want to park for one Hour in total for example. On two occasions now I have tried to do this, put in the 1.10 it tells you to insert on the machine for half an hour extra) but the predicted time on the ticket is only 30 minutes from arrival so I aborted the purchase - parked for the free half hour and then returned to the machine (an inconvenience) and paid for half an hour. This seems weird - I was concerned that if the ticket only showed a time 30 minutes away the traffic warden would give me a parking ticket even if I had put money in too.

Any advice? (Apart from only stay for 30 minutes :))

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Parking question - 30 minutes free+23/02/15 15:52:00 Elizabeth Jane Daley
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